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Aug. 19th, 2010

Remember my previous post in which I whined about how shite my house is/was? Well guess what! We've moved! My whole list was pretty snarky I admit. I apologise, old house, we love you long time and we can't wait for you to be NEW AGAIN! Yay us! So renovations have FINALLY taken off and since mid June we've relocated to another house, a few roads down from our original house! It's pretty tackalish on the outside (it's painted in a deliciously CHEESY, literally, orange yellow and accented by perfectly "delightful" green gates) but we've prettified the inside and it's now more than liveable! My room is effin' MASSIVE, it's probably my old room to the power of 3. No jokes. It's got a three-seater couch (left over from my parents' old room...) and a terrace that overlooks the swimming pool (yes folks a friggin' swimming pool! Won't be as big as the one we planned out for our NEW HOUSE BABY oh YEAHH!) and a spacious bathroom. Yeah. I might have a hard time moving back into our old house.

So as I said in my previous post (to my faithful 0 followers/readers!! I LOVE YOU TO KINGDOM COME! More power to you, xoxo Jo-B) renovations are finally underway! It's incredibly exciting, seeing our house go from shack to resort-like status, they haven't done any work on the actual house yet so I can't PHYSICALLY see any changes at the moment. But they've started work on the empty lot right behind our house that we acquired last year! Can't wait for it to be done it's gonna be AWESOME! I should post pictures of our new house... Maybe next time ;)


weeeeirrddd scienceee!

So  I watched Weird Science  again a few days ago and I thought of looking up what the cast looks like today (the featurettes on the disc only have Anthony Michael Hall.... Bulked up but looks a little creepy, a far cry from his scrawny nerdy days :-s) and a quick twirl on Google showed me something that left me gasping for air..... DO YOU KNOW HOW KELLY LEBROCK LOOKS NOWADAYS!? :( I swear to God my teenage self died a little... Time has not been kind to Kelly... Are you ready for this?

She really let herself go. What happened to this?!?! :(


And what the hell is she wearing that tacky-ass plastic wig for?! What's sad is that she could actually still have hope, a stairmaster or an hour of yoga/pilates... yogalates? that exists right? a day could work wonders for Kelly... I refuse to believe she's completely gone. KELLYYYYY!! :(

In other news... Ilan Mitchell-Smith (who played the pipsqueak-voiced Wyatt) is now a teacher. That is all.

Colourised Photos...

 I'm obsessed with old Hollywood. Grar! Anyway, I've been collecting photos I love and thought I'd colourise a few. Click to enlargee!

Clara Bow

Dorothy Sebastian (related? hmmm haha!)

Veronica Lake

Zooey Deschanel (Not old Hollywood... But isn't this photo gorgeous?!)


The Buffy Renaissance

Inspired by a BtVS filled week over at my favourite LiveJournal community (and pretty much my favourite celeb gossip site on the internet) ONTD, I've found myself slowly becoming re-obsessed with Buffy and her friends. What started out as a way to kill boredom back in the summer of 1998 turned into full fledged obsession a few months later. Anyway, so I broke out and dusted off my old Buffy DVDs (as a 14 year old kid I saved up for a year to buy all seasons on DVD... The look on my face when that Amazon box arrived at my doorstep, after having flown half-way across the planet, and the feeling I got when I opened that smiley-face stamped box was enough to make up for the hefty tax and import fees I had to cough up once it got there.) and as I was looking through each box set I noticed something that froze every ounce of blood in my body..... MY DISC 6 SEASON 5 AND DISC 3 SEASON 7 DVDS WERE MISSING!!!!!!!!!!! The horror... THE HORROR! I must have lost them while I watched through Season 5-7 a year or two years ago. AGH! So I did what any obsessed fan would do... Hopped onto Amazon.com and Ebay to check prices DUH! So Season 5 is like $35 dollars... BUT... The complete series (in that nifty shelf friendly box) is only $160! I know it's a waste since I have all the other complete seasons in those huge whopping box sets (aren't they gone now? Replaced by those nasty plastic single disc per case sets? Hellznaww.) but... I want it :( I don't know. Should I double dip? Ugh I bet I sound so ridiculous and in a few days I'll realise how idiotic I'm being. I don't know. It's currently in my shopping cart on Amazon.com.

Another thing the recent BtVS posts on ONTD have inspired me to do is continue reading the Season 8 comics! So when Season 8 debuted a few years ago I peed myself and couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. But. Getting a copy and having it shipped here was so unfeasibly expensive (especially since it only costs $2.99 in America.). Anyway I forgot about, like I tend to do (probably got hooked on something else in my wait.), and only started reading them in 2008. I DOWNLOADED THEM OKAY! Stop looking at me that way. :( Anyway. Now I want them in physical form and a trip to a local book megastore (think B&N or Waterstone's) that stocks a pant-wetting amount of imported graphic novels revealed a distressing lack of Buffy (although an alarming abundance of Angel :s weird.), there was ONE copy of volume 2, and it was double the price. So I decided to either wait 'til I went back to America and order it then (which should be in early April) or order it all off Amazon.com and ship it directly to my house. What to do what to do. It's especially annoying because I'm getting pretty hooked, Joss Whedon's pulled it off pretty well! Though I was never really worried (I'm a fan of his Astonishing X-Men series, so I know he translates well on comics.) but you know... Buffy. You don't screw around with Buffy. Agh.

I'm on a Slayage fest starting with Season 3 (I lent  Season 2 and 4 to my friend and I didn't want to go through Season 1 and be left hanging since it's so short. I figured I'd have more time if I skipped straight on to season 3...Besides... Season 2 is far too depressing :(...) and I'm pretty much hooked again! My sister and I were reminiscing about the days where we would scrounge around for enough money to go down to the video rental place and rent the next tape... Right after we moved to the Philippines from Hong Kong we'd visit Hong Kong as much as we could. One summer we stayed in Hong Kong for a month or two... And our main activity? Renting Buffy and watching it day in day out. I felt like an underground creature from staying in all day. sigh... good times good times. We would even sing along to the theme song...  IN SECOND VOICE. Yeahhh. Anyway. Back to my past!

LET SLAYFEST 2010 COMMENCE! (or... well... resume.)

Why I Hate My Rotten House.

So. Our house has been due for a renovation since oh... about a decade now? No but seriously, it's getting a little embarrassing. Windows falling off, water damage on our walls and ceilings, mysterious holes on the floor, cabinets hanging by a splinter... It's not pretty. I'd post pictures but... Anyway, the good news is that the plans for our GRAND RENOVATION have finally been finalised (after about a year of constant redesigning) and the bidding has begun (to see who gets to rebuild our humble abode). Here's why I hate my rotten house.

1) It's rotten. Literally. The some of our windows' wood have started rotting and rain doesn't help as it keeps it constantly damp, and the rotten wood makes it smell musty and... Not normal... Eurghhh *shivers*

2) Due to lack of storage my mother has resorted to dumping her unused and/or vintage (read: mouldy) clothes, shoes, bags, bits of old chocolate... on any empty space she can find.

3) Can't really bring anyone over without getting embarrassed... "Oh don't mind that gaping hole. Sometimes bees come in but it's raining at the moment so we don't really have to worry about that. Just don't sit near it because... Ach I told you not to sit near it! Wood rot and water are REALLY hard to wash out... No don't bend over to sniff it just... Oh God. I'm so sorry about that." Ughhh.

4) When you're hard at work the last thing you want to see is peeling paint, rotten wood, and a stinky ass sofa. (More on the sofa in the next number)

5) Years of being the number one spot to sit on for guests and residents alike has made one arm of our sofa smell of putrid BO and laundry that hasn't dried properly. *shivers uncontrollably... again...*

6) When you have to push your table's support back into place for fear of it collapsing... It's time for some new furniture.

7) When you're working all alone late at night and slowly start to hear a creepy creaking and banging noise... The pipes have decided to give your imagination a work out.

8) A rat infestation a while back has led us to become indifferent to nocturnal visitors of the rodent kind, yet that brief moment in our house's lifetime has led everyone to believe our house is eternally infested with rats. Just so you know we don't have rats any more okay, we have cockroaches. GOD.

9) Baking cookies (or using the oven for that matter) is, more often than not, a losing game. It either burns your food, or leaves it alone. Hooray for faulty kitchenware.

10) Having doors that won't lock and doors that don't open. Yay for functionality!